Thursday, 6 August 2015

31/07/2015 - Home

Well this is the last blog, for this eurotrip at least!
On July 26th I went to a dance festival in Amsterdam, it was fantastic! Pouring down rain, freezing temperature, different music and dancing! It was SUCH a refreshing change from Australia's electronic summer festivals, such a great experience :)
The next day after that I just relaxed and went shopping at markets and bought a new beautiful technicolour jacket.
The day after that Kalinda, Ryan and Eri travelled onto Berlin and I just relaxed at my airport hotel before my big flight home the next day.
Was I home sick? Not really! I was more torn to be leaving beautiful Europe. But at least I know it isn't goodbye for good and I'll be back in June next year.
Europe, it's people, food, music, buildings, lifestyle has grown on me so much. Leaving was quite emotional and I felt like I left a piece of me there.
I'm pretty sure when my studies end that's where I will be heading to.
This blog barely even stratched the surface of my experiences! I wish I was better at sticking to writing here but I was too busy living and experiencing :)

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