Saturday, 25 July 2015

July 25th - Amsterdam

The last day of class and exam in Amiens went very well, I am happy with how I went!
After the exam we drove to Paris and I spent the afternoon buying lourve tickets for the next day and seeing the eiffel tower which was just amazing. Paris is so much prettier then I could of fathom. That evening I had a farewell dinner with the teachers and class and it was very beautiful and emotional saying our goodbyes. After the dinner we all walked back to the eiffel tower to see it at night because it glows and shimmers with lights. It is definitely something everyone has to see once in there life.
There were people everywhere selling champagne in the park next to the tower we had a few drinks and marveled in the tower's beauty.
The next day two of the guys from the group Filip and Luke and I walked around the city, saw the Notre Dam from a distance and saw the CBD area and then Filip and I went to the Lourve. There is so much incredible art there and the Mona Lisa was very underwhelming compared to other pieces.
That evening I caught up with Kate, my NZ friend I met on the Camino for some dinner and drinks as she was in Paris for the night. It was really good to see her again!
That brings me to today, well this morning I boarded my flight to Amsterdam and was greeted on arrival by the spectacular Kalinda! After nearly two months it was amazing to be reunited :)
Today we just checked into our hotel and did some grocery shopping and we are just going to relax and chill until Ryan and Eri arrive this evening. The weather here is horrible haha, a perfect transition to get me back into reality for Melbourne's winter.
the whole time I am here it will be about 17 degrees and non-stop raining!
Oh well, about time reality brings me down off this cloud of perfect summer bliss.
Tomorrow the gang and I are going to music festival which should be a hoot!

I'll leave it there and post again soon.
cyaaaa :D

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