Sunday, 5 July 2015

July 4th Gallipoli

Since my last two full days of being in Gallipoli we have spent about 10 hours a day doing orientation which includes visiting all the battle grounds, memorials and grave yards in the Gallipoli peninsular. It is interesting seeing the grave yards for all Australian, New Zealand, Turkish and British( which included their colonies at the time such as India).
Each day I'm exhausted though, trying to absorb all this information but it is truly once in a life time opportunity having Bruce Scates our Professor take us through everything, he is a true master in this field of knowledge.
Tomorrow is the last day of full on orientation and then he said we will have more time for personal study to start commencing complying our assignments.
This unit is hard but I am thoroughly enjoying this experience and again I just feel so overwhelmed and honored to be granted this experience.
Each evening we end watching a bit of a movie, yesterday was Gallipoli and tonight will be All the King's Men.
The sheer walking through the Anzac terrain is horrific with the heat and steep steep ridges and gullies. To think these men and woman were subjected to these conditions plus with a war and other creature comforts taken from them really pulls on my heart strings.
There was no winner or loser in this war and hearing the stories shows me to appreciate all life.

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