Tuesday, 14 July 2015

July 14th - Prato, Italy.

Ciao friends!
Sorry it has been so long but the last 10 days have been so crazy. In Gallipoli we worked through about 12 hour days on the peninsular visiting cemeteries and battle grounds and working very hard indeed. After each day I was to exhausted to blog. The coastline there is amazing though, warm weather and a beautiful national park. It's unbelievable to think 100 years ago there was such horrors happening there. Other then the field work we visited a Turkish museum and got their perspective of the war which was very, "protected" I suppose to say the least. It's funny how politics depicts what people are told, there was a room there that we weren't allowed to visit being Australian and they said it was because of "technical issues" but my teacher said he doubted so.
On the 7th we took a day trip on a fairy over to Cannakale and saw the ruins of Troy, it was actually slightly underwhelming. I think I may of romanticised it so much and when I got there it was really just a smallish area of old ruins... And the fact that there was no proof of the battle of Troy ever happening it was a little bit of buzz kill. But still amazing to see a archaeological sight!!
Two days ago we arrived in Bologna and I did some much needed shopping and relaxed a little and yesterday we arrived in Prato, near Florence.
Italy is so beautiful and quite hot at the moment (nearly 38 degrees everyday this week). The last day of Gallipoli I did my two presentations, one on a missing soldier and the other a group assessment on Anzac cove.
Yesterday and today I have been finishing off my report for the group assessment and then I can start preparing for my test and essay that will be due at the end of the course.
I have the next few days off so I'm hoping to visit Pisa, Florence and the beach Cinque Terre if I have enough time before we jetting off to Belgium. Not much time is put aside here in Italy, just really for assignments but luckily I'll be back this time next year for my archaeology study tour for a month.
Hope all is well with everyone xoxo

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