Sunday, 7 June 2015


Today I walked to Pamplona, the city famous for the running of the bulls. The walk today was less demanding and followed a gorgeous river. Today was only 17km and I was still hurting when I arrived. I arrived shortly after lunch and spent the afternoon buying some more appropriate socks and getting a foot and shoulder massage :) it was just divine!
Everyone is super friendly, even the masseuse Kristen who was a German.
After the massage I went with my camino pals for a bite to eat, some drinks and experience this lovely cute town.
The locals were so friendly, I wish I had more time to stay. The city is actually positoned within high walls and a draw gate, very old and medieval and full of character.
Tomorrow my next 22kms will actually be down river paddling in a boat by suggestion of Kristen with 4 other Camino pals, including Lilia a Canadian. I know paddling isn't the true Camino way but it's the only opportunity along the Camino and how many people can say they paddled 22kms down a river in Spain??! I am so excited!!
That's massage did wonders and now my body is ready for the next chapter!

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