Tuesday, 23 June 2015

19/06/2015 Burgos to Santiago de compostela

I decided to spend the rest of the day going to the Pharmacist to get antibiotic cream and some open toed sandals to let my feet breathe.
The gentleman at my hostal said to go to this shop called "inside" that is in Spain, Portugal and England for the shoes and I fell in love! I not only walked out with sandals but a top, dress and pants.
I eventually caught up with Lili and bumped into the others at the main plaza for dinner and drinks. Lili said she'd stay the next night with me in Burgos while everyone else would would go on so I could rest and figure out my next plan of attack.
The next day Lili and I got some food and sat by the river, soaking up the sun, did some window shopping and watched a knight's tale. It was completely nice and a relaxing day. Lili is such a laid back beautiful soul.
It was this afternoon I realised I had only 10 days left until my flight from Santiago to Istanbul and I was still only in Burgos and would be lucky to make it to even Leon in time.
I then jumped on airbnb and found an adorable room in the middle of Santiago just a few minutes from the Cathedral so I contacted the lady yesterday and locked it in for today. This morning I had breakfast and said my goodbyes to Lili, her back on the way by foot and I to the train station.
I told the taxi driver my situation and he told me he had completed the Camino 5 times already and the key is to not time pressure yourself or things happen like you don't get enough rest and it just takes from the experience... So next time I won't have a set finish date!
So here I am now, sitting on a 8 hour train ride to Santiago de compostela and I am so excited and proud. I walked from St.Jean Pied de Port to Burgos in two glorious weeks and met so many amazing people.
My reason for moving along to Santiago and not staying longer in gorgeous Burgos is because of the weather, Santiago is much warmer like Istanbul and I thought I better get use to the hot hot heat.
This morning Facebook messages came rolling in from pilgrims wishing me well and expressing happiness for meeting me and sadness for my short departure. I had planned to have a big send off in Leon with my Camino family as I was not to be able to finish with them. On the plus side many of them expressed their desire to travel to Australia (sorry mum I told them they have a place to crash if they find themselves in Australia).
I will continue these blogs as I still have so much to see in Santiago and then I still have Turkey, Italy, Belgium, France and the Netherlands.
My Camino adventures might be over for now, but not forever. This is only my first chapter of my European adventures!
Adios xo

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