Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Najera to So Domingo la Calzada

Today with my foot hurting I decided to walk quickly to So Domingo la Calzada so I walked the 22km alone in 4.5 hours. It was nice walking alone, listening to music and dancing. I have become such a professional at twirling my hiking stick and many pilgrims and locals that see me smile and wave whenever I'm twirling the stick and dancing haha.
I arrived at lunch time and ate a vegetarian sandwich only to get tuna in it (I will learn one day) and had to wait for a new one to be made but it was just heavenly with those fresh vegetables, I don't think I can stress or repeat how little fresh food the Camino has.
When the others arrived we managed to get a 10 person room in the albergue with all my friends so it was comfy and the owner was really nice.
Because it was a Sunday everything was closed so we just ate dinner and all hung out.

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