Saturday, 6 June 2015


Okay.... I didn't post yesterday because by the time I made it from St.Jean Pied De Port to Roncevaux because I  literally ate and slept. It was the hardest day of my existence. Coming from winter to 33c and walking 25km with nearly a 1500 foot incline really took it out of me. It took me nearly 12 hours and even with hiking poles and fantastic foot wear I was in struggle town.
The scenery was amazing though and I was so happy I made it! I met a German named Michael but I don't think he made it sadly. I asked around and everyone thinks he might of turned back as he looked so unwell.
I walked most the way alone as I was slowed down with my excessive bag but I have formed a solid Camino group. There is 7 of us; Tu, Adelita and Jill from USA, Mark and Nick from Australia and Leanne from the Netherlands.
With the reality sinking in that 25km in a day in this terrain knocks it out of you I realised I won't be able to walk the whole way to Santiago De Compestlla by my flight on the 28th and get to absorb the serenity.
The positives though is I'm walking with this gang to Leon which is about 3/4 of the Camino and I'll have time for rest days and to get transport to Santiago in time for my flight to meet my University in Instanbul on the 29th.
I've been told of many that people do a week in one section and sometimes it takes people a few visits to complete their pilgrim passport.
My plan is to maybe come back with Rebecca in 2017 and start at the alternative French route in Somport and giving myself 6 weeks to complete this instead of 4.
My walk today from Roncevaux to Larrasoana was about 27km but a easier with less inclines.
Now let me let you all know, the south of France and Spain border is GORGEOUS, life would be good to live here. Yesterday I drank water straight from the mountain creeks as the water is so clean and today I cooled off at a waterfall on the side of the track.
Tomorrow I head off to the first really urban place Pamplona.
Today I found out I can send my bags from town to town for only 7 euros which is a god send so I just will bring a day pack with me with essentials like hat, glasses, food, water, Band-Aids, etc...
So far this has been mind blowing, hard, life changing and amazing.
My body aches but I can pull through :)
Sending my love to you all back home xo

P.S The photos are on my phone so I plan to upload then shortly when I can figure it out as I blog on my tablet. This blog does not serve the Camino justice, hopefully my photo's may.

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