Thursday, 4 June 2015

Here I am in St.Jean Pied De Port... And what can I say?? I think I found heaven.
The scenery is spectacular and the atmosphere is absolutely divine. I will definitely be paying this region a visit again. 
On my flight to Paris I thankfully slept a solid eight hours (hooray) and the stop over and flight to the south was decent.  The next part was interesting; I had to catch a bus from the airport to Bayonne train station and then catch a bus to St.Jean Pied De Port with people who did not speak a word or English, but thankfully I met this friendly American girl named Adelita who I met and we're bunking tonight.
I also met two other Aussies Nick and Mark and Mark's dutch girlfriend Leanne and another American name Tu. It is interesting that the only people who knew each other before today was Nick and Leanne.
Everyone is super nice and friendly, we spent the afternoon sorting out our pilgrim passports and having a few social drinks in the beautiful 32c temperature.
Honestly the views are just like what you would find on a postcard, so picturesque with lush green hills and adorable old white buildings with flower pots at the windows and blue shutters.
We will all be meeting at the bridge at 7am (the offical staring point) to start our first day of the Camino.
The only downside is I don't think my bag is practical but I'll see how I go and tomorrow will be 33c with a 1400 elevation but that's just life :D
Baby steps and I'll make it through, I have go this!!

Sending my love back to everyone back home xo

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