Thursday, 25 June 2015


On the rest of Tuesday 23/6/2015 I stayed at the house with my housemate Lukas who I discussed tv shows and music with, he is a very cool guy. His also German and studying medicine at the University. He told me that night was a festival in Santiago called San Juan and the streets would be packed with people. I tagged along that evening with the housemates (also Elena who is a German university student and there is a Czech student called Katerina but she spent the night at the beach where there was bigger celebrations).
At San Juan I met some of the housemates friends who were very friendly, especially Giulia, an Italian girl who works in tourism in Santiago. She had actually lived in Australia for a year and we got along very well.
In Spain no one leaves to head out even for food until really late, I think we left after midnight? Which is standard here.
The festival was great, everywhere on the street's were bonfires and people jumping over them. I didn't as I was wearing flip flops and everyone said that would end badly! After a few hours everyone wanted to head back but Giulia and I headed out to a night club and didn't get home until way very late in the morning.
needless to say I spent all of yesterday sleeping and relaxing!
Today I woke up nice and early and went to a bakery to try a slice of Almond Torte which is meant to be "famous" here... it was okay, not the best though haha!
At 3pm Giulia finishes work and will catch up with me to show me around, take me to buy some more clothes now the Camino is over and show me this park that is meant to be really pretty.
because it's holidays Lukas left yesterday to go to Portugal for the week and Giulia leaves tomorrow for the north of Spain! But Katerina and Elena will still be here and apparently on Saturday there is meant to be this amazing day/night party for 3 euros that Elena said she will check it out with me :)

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