Wednesday, 17 June 2015


Today my foot hurt so much and it looks really infected so I realised I needed to get some medical attention and put off walking for a while. Because I was in a tiny village with nothing medical and no public transportation I caught a taxi 22km to Burgos which is a very large city. The drive was amazing, I have not been in a car for so long and staring out the window at all the views was relaxing.
With the state I am in I decided to book to nights at a hotel in Burgos for 62 euros which was a really good investment. It's a big price difference compared to the albergues but I have my on double bed, ensuite, tv and wifi access.
I got to my accommodation an hour ago (around 10am) which was 4 hours before check in but the man was so friendly and let me straight into my room. He gave me a map and marked out where the albergues are so I can meet the others later, where the pharmacy is and told me about the city. He said every Wednesday from 4pm-8pm the museum is free to the public so I think I'll love to go check that out, along with the half remaining castle that was destroyed by Napoleon and the cathedral if my foot doesn't give me to much greif.

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