Wednesday, 17 June 2015

13/06/2015 the voyage to Najera

Today Lili and I walked together from Legrono to Najera. The walk was the biggest so far, 30km but was very cruisy. After the first 21km as we stopped for morning tea in Navarrete and visited the church there. It was the most intense church I have ever seen. So much gold and statues of Jesus/Mary/Saints. I had goose bumps the whole time and a local was telling us all about the Saints and the history, again Lili being present was a god send as she could translate.
After the 21km it started to rain so Lili decided to stay in Viana, a small village and I foolishly powered on until Najera where everyone else was staying. I say foolishly because now I don't know if I got maybe Tinea or blister or a combination of both because there is a pretty bad wound on my right foot, I'm hoping it will just go away with correct foot taping for a few days.
Future advice, bring alcohol wipes or something for cleaning, don't be bare foot in communal showers and avoid walking in heavy rain.
This must sound so brutal for all those reading this but even through all the greif your body may give you, this Camino experience is definitely worth it!
Najera was not actually a very nice town compared to others so when I arrived I ate some food, got out of my soaking clothes, showered and went to bed.

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