Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Soooo unfortunately the weather has not improved so from Los Argos Kate and I decided to split from my other Camino family and walk only 7.5km as a "rest day" instead of walking the whole 28km with everyone is rain to the city Logrono.
The rest day was really nice, we stayed at a little Albergue in a town called Torres Del Rio. Everyone was really nice, we met an American called Ramone and watched up to date tv shows with him as the weather was to horrible to leave the albergue.
for dinner we went around the block to a restaurant for dinner and the food was so delicious, everything on the Camino is frozen and reheated but this was actually fresh veggies, what a luxury after a week of bland tastes :)
A personal observation; the Spain like to eat a lot of dense foods like bread, eggs, cheese and meat so I found I eat a whole lot less here without so much fresh fruit and vegetables.

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