Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Santiago 23/06/2015

I arrived at Santiago at 8pm and a taxi dropped me from the station near the Cathedral. Almost immediately I was approached by three pilgrims (as I looked  like one with my backpack) and they asked if I new if any albergues had room. They were 3 Germans called Lena, Ferdinand and Jonas. I told then I had an apartment and I was lost but if they helped find my apartment I would ask someone there to help show them any places they coul be open.
I ended up finding two Spanish uni students who were majoring in English so they walked me with the Germans to my apartment and then helped them find a place. My apartment was right in the middle of a plaza with a fountain so we agreed to meet up later and get food and drinks together.
That night we stayed out all hanging out with another German called Jonathan, everyone was lovely and they told me the next day they were travelling by bus 3 hours away to a beach town Fisterra and I should come camping with them...
So the next day off to Fisterra it was! The beach was spectacular and I only stayed the one day and night and the next evening I travelled back to my accommodation.
Yesterday Jonathan came back to Santiago so we spent the day together and went to mass and got dinner, this morning we have breakfast and then he left to travel back Germany.
The other three Germans I think MIGHT be travelling back to Santiago for just this evening before leaving tomorrow so I might see them tonight.
Today I just just relaxed and unfortunately my internet isn't working at my apartment so I'm having a tea at a cafe with wifi so I can write this.
Today's weather is actually quite cool but it's a nice break from heat :)

Hope all is well with everyone xo

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