Sunday, 28 June 2015


Today is the day I say farewell to Spain and hello to Turkey. The other day I ended up shopping and buying some new clothes with Giulia (which was well needed) and we have dinner and drinks together and were joined after by her housemate Katya and her boyfriend Frank for a few drinks at this amazing bar with a flower garden with fountains that overlooked the monastery.
The following day was my first day of doing almost nothing, just relaxing, tidying up things for my departurer and cooking myself a healthy dinner.
Yesterday I joined Katerina, Elena and their friend Julia to go to the beach Vigo near Portugal. The beach was very nice and I spent the day just relaxing in the sun.
That evening us girls and a few more of their friends went to check out another festival, (San Pedros I think) and that party was a sight haha. The parties here were run by this sweet old lady who cooked food for people and spoke no English and when I explained I ate no fish or meat she went and got me fruit to snack on :)
Now today 28/06/2015 I'm at the airport... I never want to leave Spain! But everyone tells me Turkey is beautiful and the shopping is amazing so it's the start of a new chapter as of now.
I can not wait to come back the Spain and complete my Camino and see all it's wonders and beauty again.

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