Tuesday, 16 June 2015

08/06/2015 & 09/06/2015

Sorry for the lack of blogging, my tablet has died and that was my access to the internet! Now I'm writing off my mobile which is a struggle.
Okay, so where was I? For the rest of the 08/06/2015 I hung out in my albergue in Puente La Reina and met other lovely Pilgrims. One called Kate from Christchurch and three lovely lads from the UK called John, Mark and Luke. I also spent sometime talking to Miguel, our worker at the albergue, who educated me on the history of the medieval town we were staying in.

The next day I set off with Kate and took heaps of beautiful pictures of Puente La Reina and other spots on the way to Estella. Walking with Kate is so much fun as we both got into the vibes of chatting and listening to music which made the day breeze by! Estella was insane, the weather was hot and the people were so friendly. All the pilgrims at the municipal albergue ate dinner together and bonded and I have a lot of joyful crazy selfies with everyone. The Camino is a life changer; age, gender, race, nothing matters... We are all family!

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