Wednesday, 17 June 2015

15/06/2015 so Domingo la Calzada to Belorado

Like the day before I decided to power through the Camino solo just to quickly get to the destination as everyone else seems to slowly walk and stop at every town to try tapas and vino and I thought the least time on my feet the better until I work out how to properly deal with my foot.
I could be graphic and tell you the gory details but I'll try have some class and tell you the advice I got from others doesn't seem to be helping this one spot on my foot.
At Belardo I did however try some tapas and bumped into Ramone the American I met with Kate in Torres del Rio so we watched a few move tv shows together.
again at this Albergue we were all able to get a room together with John, Lia, Mark (the English one), Luke, Jill, Adelite, Nick and Leanne. Tu arrived late so for the same price he got his own bedroom, the lucky guy! He inly got it that price as the gentleman who ran the Albergue was so sweet.
We all ate a Pilgrim's dinner together which is usually includes entree, main, dessert, water, bread and sometimes some Vino.
After dinner I just socialised for a very little bit and went to bed to try and have a good nights rest before the next adventure tomorrow.

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